How to Recognize Your Own Power



And choice is power. It’s not domination over something outside of yourself or trying to control your surroundings. Power is generated from within. From feeling and recognizing you are always in choice. That you are capable of choosing how to respond to your reality. You are capable of choosing what to focus on and what to give your energy to.

The question is, how do you cultivate this awareness of choice?

When you lack awareness, you lack choice.

And taking the time for self love, helps you slow down to bring more awareness into your life.

But not just self awareness alone, which can generate anxiety. But awareness accompanied by self empathy.

Imagine feeling so grounded and at home in yourself that you choose how to respond to each of life's challenges. Choose how you respond to bad news, to financial hurdles, to lovers disappointing you. To the “big one”...jealousy.

Imagine you had the energy and capacity to keep remembering that you are always in choice.

That you can choose to channel your emotions. To not suppress them or blame them on anyone else, but with self love, take the time to feel them and move them.

photo by the Hood Witch

This is power.

Emotions are energy in motion. When you allow them to move through you without imploding or exploding, you are embodying true power. Your body becomes the container for alchemy. You are harnessing the energy from emotions to keep growing. To serve your sexual wellness. To keep staying open to the pleasures of life like love and connection.

When you don’t feel your feels, you may stagnate. May not be aware or realize the potential within you.

So self love helps you reclaim your power and your choice. And it transforms every scenario in your life. It helps you notice that you really can alter your reality. Not just for yourself, but for all those intimately around you. Self love isn’t selfish. It’s revolutionary.

Your sexually satisfying and empowered life won’t magically happen without you. You are the elixir, the cauldron and the formula. You and your own love is the answer.

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Luna Dietrich