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I’m Luna Dietrich, aka the Pussy Witch, and I am here to help you LOVE your sexuality. I'm known for my loud cackle, dramatic dancing, and getting to the juice in conversations quickly. As a pleasure centered Sex Educator, Writer, and Coach, my desire is to create a world of life-affirming, consensual relationships.

Here’s why I believe it’s possible…


I didn’t always have the awareness to be in touch with my body or the tools to embrace what I desired... I had to learn HOW to embrace and channel my full, innate sexuality.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, as a kid, I was voraciously curious about sex. I felt it’s energy coursing through me and was determined to share it with another. By 14 years old, I had sex for the first time because..um, virginity is a social construct.

However, my peers and surrounding community didn’t like that. I had no support system. I was slut shamed and outcasted throughout middle school and high school. I fell into an isolated depression. Drugs and sexual assault found me.


So by the time I got to college, I was determined to have a reset and a “clean” reputation. I believed having sex with someone who wasn't committed to me would make me "too easy" and therefore no longer attractive. But even when I got into a committed relationship, I lost desire for sex and thought I was broken. However, my suppressed sexuality would come out in hurtful, non-communicative ways... like cheating.

I didn’t have the awareness to be in touch with my body or the tools to embrace what I desired. Let alone how to communicate those feelings and needs to a partner. So , after 3 years of hardship, back and forth between “no sex for months” and a blast of intense sexual expression, my partner and I parted ways.


With this release, I felt a surge of sexual awakening and desire running through me. I embarked on a fabulous search to reclaim my self, to learn and experience everything I wanted. I literally traveled to the other side of the world, eager to explore in multiple dimensions in India, Nepal, Thailand, and Indonesia. There, I fell in love with a woman. Learned how to love giving and truly receive, not give a fuck about what I looked like during sex, and how to experience multiple, hour long, cosmic orgasms.

Since then, it’s been a radical journey of deeper states of meaning and pleasure. I have studied from countless teachers about sacred sexuality, body positivity, communication, ecosexuality,  plant medicine, and open relating. This all led to blossoming a business in sexual empowerment. Over 500 people have been through my courses online with fabulous results. My desire is to help clients and students reach their goals in playful sensuality, communicative relationships, and embodied love.


I’m not settling for anything less than the most pleasurable life in all directions. This means I want to create a world in which we all are sexually empowered. It’s my mission to support you releasing shame and owning your own beautifully unique and completely normal, sexuality. Will you join me?



Release Shame & Reclaim Your Sexuality

Not loving and accepting your body has an impact on pretty much every aspect of your (sex) life: it determines how much pleasure you experience, how often you have sex, what risky behaviors you will engage in, if you use drugs and alcohol, etc..

I’m here to help with that!

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