Dear Survivors,

When re-stimulated or reminded about sexual assault:


It's okay to feel angry. To feel devastated. Frustrated. FURIOUS. Sad. Nervous. Annoyed. Terrified. Amused. Overwhelmed. Shocked. Embarrassed. Triumphant. It is okay to feel any of these ways.

Just don't shame your emotions or bypass them.

Give them time and space to move you. Move through you. This isn't always easy. In fact, it can feel terrible. But a cathartic type of terrible. 

I've been sexually assaulted my many different men.

My own healing process isn't linear.

I've done a lot of work around it and it sometimes still resurfaces. The impact and healing looks different and feels different for each individual. And remember you don't need to be a sacrifice in telling your story. 

"We shouldn't have to out ourselves as survivors in order for people to grasp the magnitude of how systemic assault and harassment are." -Lara Witt

Telling your story can be healing and empowering...but do it for you. As a survivor, it's not your personal duty to teach our collective culture how to clean up the shit. And maybe you want it to be! Maybe that is exactly what you need. But again,

Do it from self love.

This is your healing.

This is your reclamation.

Make it work for you.

And as you can see, you are not alone.


Your feelings matter. If you are seeking support, I am here. I offer Sexual Empowerment Coaching to release trauma and reclaim your most powerful self. Connect with me.

Photo by Joey Rosado of www.islandboiphotgraphy.net/


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