“I’ve felt more empowered sexually than ever since I started following Luna and reading her posts. I was sexually abused as a child and have been ashamed of my sexuality for my whole life. I’ve started to actually enjoy sex and relax. Thank you so much.”


Luna has validated feelings that I had not allowed myself to properly move through. Her sexual liberation and prowess is intoxicating and infectious. ” - Full Spectrum Doula

“Luna’s work is everything to me in helping me in helping me free my chains and challenge my thoughts on social constructs. She helps me to love myself and my body and feel more comfortable and beautiful in exploring myself and my partner. I thank her for all that she stands for!”

-Kyla Rose Lenker

“Luna speaks to my fucking soul like no one eva has!”


Course Testimonials

“Absolutely take it! This course has helped me to define certain things I have felt in my sexuality such as having "breaks" to my desires. It has helped me to locate myself as a sexual empowered woman in society and re-evaluate pre-dispose thoughts and ideas I've been fed my whole life.”

-Reyna Berger