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The most personal of newsletters: worthwhile musings from my intimate life to yours

In an era of newsletter fatigue, I understand your email is a PRECIOUS thing. It’s not something I take lightly. From ecstatic revelations in my intimate life to what I am currently moved by like books/podcasts/music/events/toys, my goal is to make these letters of pleasure something profoundly intimate, open-worthy, and valuable.

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Every week, you will receive an email with 5 things I consider worth sharing in my current and personal reality. This email is meant to be a low-stress, non-overwhelming moment of inspiration, exploration, and new resources for you. Something to look forward to.

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Sharing these pleasurable things that are happening in my life feels small yet POWERFUL. And small powerful acts can have a major impact.

So, may our activism be pleasurable.

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I want to love you up, fiercely,


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