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P*llow Talk 101

Gain the tools and courage to speak up about the sex life you really want.

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A Live 2-Part Workshop with Luna Dietrich

P*llow Talk 101 is a special edition, online live workshop, designed to help you master the basics of communication. Learn to communicate your truth and your needs as the foundation of a thriving sex and relationship life.

June 2nd, 7PM-9PM EST (Course)

& June 9th 7PM - 8:30 EST (Q&A)


In this workshop, you will learn the foundation and tools of communicating your truth about sex in a way that is authentic yet makes your words easily heard by another, so that you can experience connection and pleasure more fully!

Maybe you…

  • Don’t say what you want because you’re afraid of hurting your partner, or feel embarrassed about expressing your thoughts

  • Are struggling to figure out what you want, let alone how to muster the courage to actually express it

  • Don’t give yourself the time and space that you need to figure out what you want in the first place

  • Have a hard time opening your mouth and just saying what you want or don’t want during sex

  • Have a hard time staying present when the conversation gets tricky, or would rather avoid the entire talk altogether

    Speaking up may feel scary, but it’s so worth it.


Speak Your Truth

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In the P*llow Talk 101 Live Workshop, you will be guided to…

  • Cultivate more empathy for a partner and for yourself

  • Get in touch with what you desire, prefer, and need - and learning their differences

  • Connect with your emotions as the basis of any successful communication

  • Practice the basics of Non-Violent Communication

  • Learn how to stay connected to yourself, your body, and a partner, when the conversation feels challenging

  • Move through triggers in a gentle and purposeful way

No matter your relationship status, orientation, or style, learning to recognize and express what you want is life changing.


What’s Inside?

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P*llow Talk 101 is a 2-part live workshop that is both

  • a 2 hour long live and interactive class full of juicy info, and beneficial tools, and exercises that takes place on June 2nd @ 7 PM EST , and

  • a 1.5 hour long Q&A, where you can ask me anything about relationships & communication on June 9th @ 7 PM EST.

Here’s the breakdown:

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This workshop will be brought to you via Zoom, where I will speak with you and share my screen live. You will receive a link for the workshop once you purchased a seat. This is not a pre-recorded course.

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From this workshop you will take away actionable information and tools that you can use to improve the quality of your communication right away.

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All workshop participants receive a replay sent to you via email. That way you can re-watch it anytime, or catch up if you missed the live event.


Claim Your Seat for Only $47


Why not just try to learn all this by yourself?

All the information you could ever want (and not want) is out there on the internet.

However, after spending YEARS and thousands and thousands of dollars researching sexuality and relationships through trainings, workshops, and any other resources I could get my hands on...

I have designed a finely tuned EXPERIENCE that can transform how you think and talk about sex on your own or with a partner.


Client Love

“I feel more empowered sexually than ever since working with Luna. After experiencing childhood sexual abuse, I’ve learned how to actually enjoy sex and ask for what I want. -A.N.

“THANK YOU, LUNA. You have opened my mind and heart to more than I ever knew was possible.” -Carter

“You won’t regret this! I feel so much more connected to my lover and MYSELF.” -Staci

“Being able to take this first step in the privacy of my own space has been SO supportive for my process: in a space that feels safe to both my partner and I, we can explore our tenderness. It allows for a pacing and an authenticity that I don’t think at this point I could access and advocate for in a group/workshop setting.” -Kate Robinson

“Do it. I can’t believe how long I went without knowing this or experiencing sex like this.” -Paige

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Meet Your Workshop Host:


Luna Dietrich, aka the Pussy Witch (she/her), is a pleasure centered sex educator known for her loud cackle, dramatic dancing, and getting to the juice in conversations quickly.

As an eco-sexual, her biggest desire is to heal the world (humans and planet) of all trauma and release any shame around our sexuality and bodies!

From being slut shamed and outcast as a teen, to losing desire in college, believing she was broken...Luna’s been through the a slew of sexual challenges.

It wasn’t until she learned how to receive pleasure did she realize her sexuality was something to enjoy, rather than to just give away.

Since founding Pussy Witch in 2016, she has over 1,000 babes, who aren't afraid to get a little witchy, go through her online courses. There she helps them access pleasure, empowering relationships, and fierce self-love.




What if I can’t make it live to the workshop?

No worries! While I recommend that you carve out some time to attend the workshop live, you will receive a replay once it’s done.

What if I can only make it to parts of the workshop?

This is also not a problem! You can come and go as you please and as you need. However, I recommend scheduling a time you can revisit the WHOLE 2 part class. I am offering an abundance of info and tools. You don’t want to miss out.

Do I need a partner to do the workshop or benefit from it?

Nope. The tools and strategies I share are extremely beneficial to anyone no matter their relationship status.

Sounds great, but is this workshop heteronormative?

It's my goal not to be! Even though I am a cis woman, I have intentionally designed this workshop to be accessible to all different kinds of identities, genders, sexual orientations and styles of relationship. For example, there will be no talk of man/woman or any gender roles (except in my personal stories), or gender being connected to genitals, and there will be no hierarchy for a certain dating style like polyamory vs. monogamy.

Can I send the replay to my friends/colleagues/family?

No. Thank you so much for asking and caring about this. I share lots of content for free on my website and social media, and ask you not to pass on your recording to others.

I know that you believe in the value of the work I do, and that people should be paid for their services.

If you feel like this would be a good fit for someone in your life, just send them to this page and let them decide if this is something they want to invest in right now.

Can I have a refund after purchasing this workshop?

Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds won’t be possible after the live event has taken place. That’s why I ask that you are mindful while shopping.



The Pussy Witch


What are you waiting for?

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If you know you want to be able to express yourself authentically where it matters most to you, then be sure to claim your seat for this special edition workshop.