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Embodied Lovers Course

Where your Sex Life Meets your Deepest Longings and Wildest Fantasies

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    A two-month online course for couples of all identities to experience awakened passion and deeply satisfying intimacy.


    In this course you and your lover will be guided through fun, pleasurable and powerful dates in the safety and freedom of your own bed!


    If you make your erotic self a priority today…


    In just two months you and your lover could have the kind of sexual experiences that leave you feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually AWAKENED.


    We know what it’s like to feel stuck, passionless, or just longing for more.

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    Maybe you…

    • Keep falling into the same sexual autopilot routines

    • Have lost the passion and fire for sex

    • Get confused with relationship expectations and how to know and ask your partner for what you really want

    • Know there is more to sex but you feel unsure about how to access it

    • Have tasted toe curling, bed shaking, neighbor alarming passion...and now you’re ready for more.

      While sex isn't everything... how you relate to it has a profound impact on EVERY aspect of your life.


    Reclaim your Aliveness

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    In the Embodied Lovers Course, you will be guided to…

    • Deepen your passion and see your partner in a totally new way

    • Experience your whole body as a sensational sex organ…including full bodied, electrifying orgasms

    • Overcome fears that are blocking you from fully experiencing “seeing” your lover and “being seen” by your lover

    • Communicate your feelings and needs so you feel totally met, understood, and relaxed in your lover’s embrace

    • Explore some of your biggest fantasies, while staying intimately connected

    If you’re ready to accept nothing less than the extraordinary when it comes to love and sex…

    Then this is the right place for you.


    What’s Inside?

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    These 4 playful and engaging dates will be deep dives into pleasure, connection and experiential learning.

    We’ll guide you step by step on how to stay confidently in touch with yourself and melt into mind blowing bliss.

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    Your two month journey officially begins January 7th, with the first date.

    You will have access to your dates FOREVER…on any platform you like (phone, laptop, tablet), giving you the time and flexibility to integrate this wisdom into your love life.


    The Embodied Lovers Course Curriculum  

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    In this date you’ll get really, really clear on what you like, and how to ask for it.

    You’ll get to explore your signs of arousal, and become masterful at pleasuring your partner and being pleasured… while bringing play, curiosity and confidence into your sex life.

    Make sex playful and incredibly erotic!



    This date is all about deepening your pleasure by expanding your definitions of sex and orgasm.

    Build awareness of your skin and entire body as ways for you to have more sensational eroticism.

    Bring in the possibility of multiple, embodied, extended, and energetic orgasms, and radically alter the way you show up in your relationship and life.

    Make sex a sensational, full bodied experience!


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    This date is designed to help you figure out how to spit it out, say the thing, and builds trust along the way.

    Heal past wounds, feel seen, heard, and understood - in the presence of your lover.

    Practice rituals of worship that allow you to stop time, dive into the depths of intimacy and leave you feeling totally held, and in awe of each other.

    Make sex healing. Devotional.


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    In this date, you will explore the different flavors and energies of sex that help you sustain a vibrant and inspiring love life.

    From wild, raw, animalistic fucking to hot, spicy, fiery power play. From wet, sensual, luscious lovemaking to sweet, slow, electric touch.

    Make sex multi-dimensional. Sustain inspiration in your relationship.




    In between the dates, you will receive flirty and effective “homeplay” exercises (because this course is all about play…not extra work) to help you stay connected and attracted to your lover and yourself, throughout the entire journey.

    These exercises will…

    Help you integrate and experience renewed intimacy into your daily life and allow you to build upon what you've learned together, deepening your connection.


    There will be three, 1-hr, live, group sessions that begin with an embodiment exercise.

    These calls are designed to provide you with intimate support, while answering any questions that might come up.

    What about missing a call?

    Don’t worry, the calls will be recorded and you can send in questions prior for us to answer. That way, if you can't make it to a call, you won't miss out on any of the fun.


    As part of the course, you will have access to the Embodied Lovers Community, a secret Facebook group guided by us and based on a set of agreements to help create an environment of safety, authenticity, & support.


    The 2 month journey will be full of surprise bonuses that will keep you on your toes, ready for more.

    • Think…book lists, games, extra videos...hint hint, nudge, nudge.


     Ready to get started?


    Why not just try to learn all this by yourself?

    All the information you could ever want (and not want) is out there on the internet.

    However, after spending YEARS and thousands and thousands of dollars researching sexuality and relationships through trainings, workshops, and any other resources we could get our hands on...

    We have designed a finely tuned EXPERIENCE that can transform your sexual relationship.



    “@Frankiesimonemusic and I are taking Luna Dietrich’s Embodied Lovers course and holy fuck, we literally just had the best sex of our lives after lesson #1.” -Che Che Luna

    “This work will stick with me forever. It was unbelievably invaluable to my life and connection to myself.” - A.N.

    “You won’t regret this! I feel so much more connected to my lover and MYSELF.” -Staci

    “Being able to take this first step in the privacy of my own space has been SO supportive for my process: in a space that feels safe to both my partner and I, we can explore our tenderness. It allows for a pacing and an authenticity that I don’t think at this point I could access and advocate for in a group/workshop setting.” -Kate Robinson

    “Do it. I can’t believe how long I went without knowing this or experiencing sex like this.” -Paige

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    Meet Your Teachers

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    Luna & Taylor

    We fell in love hard. Some people walk into love, but we definitely fell. After being close friends, living together in a community house for years, one day, on a full moon (seriously), the curtain was lifted. It was like we saw each other for the first time. We shared ridiculously similarly visions, both wanting to step it up as sex educators. Realizing the full potential of our connection, our business relationship and our sexual chemistry both flourished pretty instantaneously. Now, with our lives so interwoven, if we aren’t intentional, it can be difficult to keep our mutual attraction alive. With this, we have acquired many skills to intentionally craft our connection, keeping our hearts wide open and our sex life surreal.

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    Luna Dietrich

    Luna Dietrich (she/her) is the founder of Pussy Witch. As a writer and a pleasure centered sex educator, she loves helping people love their sexuality. From being slut shamed and outcasted as a teen to losing ALL desire believing she was broken in college...Luna’s been through the ringer of sexual challenges. It wasn’t until she learned how to receive that she realized her sexuality was something to enjoy, rather than to just give away. Since her pleasurable revelations, she has studied with many different teachers about body positivity, feminism, vulnerability, communication, social justice, trauma, consent, and Ecosexuality. From her personal hour long orgasms to her ever expanding education, she has found her deepest passion in supporting babes to be in consensual relationship with their bodies, their sexuality, and their life.

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    Taylor Johnson

    Taylor (he/him) was first exposed to conscious sexuality over a decade ago when he was looking for solutions to his struggle with premature ejaculation. In his search for answers he came across a book that merged sexuality and spirituality, and his life was changed. Since then, Taylor has been geekily studying yoga, qigong, Taoist Sexuality, Tantra, and all types of communication. He’s a huge advocate for semen retention, and loves spreading the gospel of multiple orgasms for people who have cocks. As a professional photographer and videographer, he loves merging his skills to help more people bring intentionality and consciousness into their sex and relationship lives.

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    Enrollment is now closed.

    One-time payment of


    Enrollment is now closed.

    3 monthly payments of



    You May Be Wondering…

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    Will this course try to turn me into an obnoxious, new age person?

    Nah. While we love to explore sexual energy, we are both super discerning of any content that has spiritual bypassing or oppressive messages. Luna has a degree in Biochemistry and Taylor has one in Psychology. Luna is personally very passionate about carefully merging science, social justice, and magic all together.

    What if my partner doesn’t want to do the course with me?

    It’s necessary for both you AND your partner to be fully on board with taking The Embodied Lovers Course together. If either one of you is doing it out of feelings of obligation, this could likely cause challenges and pain in your relationship. However, when discussing it with your lover, a joyful invitation rather than a fearful demand, may significantly increase your likelihood of success!

    Do I need a partner to do the course?

    We highly recommend it. The course exercises are designed for two people to go through together.

    Sounds great, but is this course heteronormative?

    It's our goal not to be! Even though we are a cis woman and man dating one another, we have intentionally designed this course to be accessible to all different kinds of identities, genders, sexual orientations and styles of relationship. For example, there will be no talk of man/woman or any gender roles, there will be no exercises where genitals are connected to gender (except in personal stories), and there will be no encouragement for a certain dating style like polyamory vs. monogamy.

    Okay, awesome! But...will this course “turn us polyamorous”?

    Big nope. There will not be any encouragement for polyamory, monogamy or any style of relationship... except for a consensual, loving one. The course is designed for two people to deepen their connection with one another and ADD more fun and pleasure to their personal sex life.


    What if I am unhappy with the course?

    No problem. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a FULL refund.

    When does the course begin? How does it work?

    The course begins Monday January 7th with your first date. Dates will then come out every other Monday over the next two months. The 3 live Q&A's and Bonuses will come out on the alternating Mondays, keeping you engaged for the whole journey.

    What if I have to miss a class?
    No problem! All of the classes are pre-recorded so once they are released, you can attend whenever works best for your schedule!

    How long will I have access to the course?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.



    If you have any questions, please reach out to us at: