You Also Get...

A badass community of fabulously brilliant babes

This secret Pleasure Witch Academy Facebook Group will be closely guided by me with a set of agreements to uphold safety, transparency, & support.

So, imagine being in a tight community of
womxn, femmes, trans and non-binary babes where you can…

‌• Honestly express the struggles in your sexuality.

‌• Ask questions & feel supported & heard by others who get it.

‌• Happily share & feel uplifted in your sexual breakthroughs.

‌• Feel encouraged to be your biggest & most vibrant self.

‌• Hear others experiences & get new
perspectives on your own.

‌• Connect with others of all backgrounds, 
sexual orientations, & relationship styles.

‌• Offer YOUR magic to others who want & need it.

(Note: This last piece is optional, but I will encourage it throughout the course. You just may find, one of the most empowering & fulfilling experiences is being in service to others.)