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Pleasure Witch Practice



Pleasure Witch Practice is a 4 day FREE mini course on filling up your life with more pleasure.

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It’s time to prioritize what feels good to you.

It’s time to notice what you find pleasurable.

To name what you want.

And become what you desire.

It’s not enough to just avoid and dismantle all that’s wrong with the world, we need to actively build and pursue the lives we DO want.

The power of following your pleasure is that you will be UNWILLING to accept any less than the most pleasurable life possible.

In a culture that tries to shame and dominate our bodies it’s not always easy, but it sure feels fucking right!


What’s Inside?


In this 4 day free mini course, you will receive

  • Daily prompts via email to help you reflect on and challenge your beliefs, so you are open to receiving all the pleasure that is possible in your life.

  • Guidance on how to indulge in different forms of pleasure; physically, emotional, creative, in the realm of your biggest fantasies.

  • Invitations to share your experience with a community of babes, to help amplify this magic.

Prioritizing your pleasure has an impact on everything around you.


Client Love

“I feel more ready and passionate to pursue the projects I deeply care about!!!” -Jes

“THANK YOU, LUNA. You have opened my mind and heart to more than I ever knew was possible.” -Carter

“You won’t regret this! I feel so much more connected to my lover and MYSELF.” -Staci

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Who’s your pleasure guide?


Luna Dietrich, aka the Pussy Witch (she/they), is a pleasure centered sex educator known for their loud cackle, dramatic dancing, and getting to the juice in conversations quickly.

As an eco-sexual, Luna works towards creating a future where the world (humans and planet) is healed of trauma and shame.

From being slut shamed and outcast as a teenager, to losing all desire in college, believing she was broken...Luna’s been through the yuck of sexual challenges and relationships.

It wasn’t until she learned how to receive pleasure did she realize her sexuality was something to enjoy, rather than to just give away.

Since founding Pussy Witch in 2016, Luna has coached over 1,000 babes, who aren't afraid to get a little witchy, through her online courses. There she helps them access pleasure, empowering relationships, and fierce self-love.



“May there be pleasure and ecstasy on earth and may it begin with me”

Ani Sprinkle


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photos by Alex Kacha