Pleasure Witch Academy is for any woman, trans, and non-binary babes who wants to…

• Expand what is possible for them.

• Deeply integrate their sexuality with the rest of their life.

• Move past any sexual blocks they may have (known or unknown).

• Understand & practice ritual magic to fully embody their sexual power.

• Prioritize self care & self pleasure without having a ton of extra time.


Who is Pleasure Witch Academy not for?

‌• Cis men. This course does NOT support or advocate upholding a gender binary, but rather addresses and unravels unhelpful female socialized conditioning. I don't teach about "masculine" or "feminine" energies. This course is about embracing whatever feels good in a container and affinity space of womxn/femmes/trans/gender nonconforming folks for womxn/femmes/trans/gender non-conforming folks. If you are non-binary, gender non-identifying, a trans man, you are welcome! You can e-mail me to see if this course will offer specifically what you are looking for. We welcome womxn who are part of the trans experience, duh.

‌• Babes who have very active sexual trauma and aren't getting outside/additional support. While a huge element of Pleasure Witch Academy is healing with the supportive community, it is not group therapy. We will practice releasing shame and trauma, but if you are still in a raw state from a recent or past sexual violation, we recommend you seek sexual therapy in addition to or outside the container of Pleasure Witch Academy.

‌• Babes who are not at all into witchiness. I’m not down with any beliefs that are victim blaming, gaslighting marginalized people or any type of spiritual bypassing. My background/degree is in Biochemistry and I am passionate about carefully merging science, social justice and magic all together. Meaning, Pleasure Witch Academy is from a holistic approach and energetics are abundantly dusted throughout!