Date 1: The Art of Touch

Practice conscious touch by exploring giving, receiving, taking and allowing - concepts from "The Wheel of Consent" that can add deeper presence and passion to your connection.

Learn how to get really specific in what you want. Learn how to feel safe and seen, how to get exactly what you want…by breaking down the concepts of sex and connection, in an understandable way that is fun and playful.

Make sex playful again, a game.

“Some people underestimate how erotic it is to be understood.” - Mary Rakow

This lesson is all about helping yourself and your lover get really. really clear on what you want, while bringing play, joy, and curiousity into your sex life.

Date 2: Redefining Sex & Full Body Pleasure

Expand your pleasure by expanding your definitions of sex and orgasm.

Learn to turn on the organ of your skin and your brain to wake up your entire body as a pleasurable and sensational experience. Wake up your skin. Turn on, activate your whole body. Electric. Alive. Bring awareness and sensation to your whole body.

Date 3: Authentic Connection

Express your feelings and needs in a way you that feel fully met. Learn just how sexy communication can be…

Tools to help you feel heard, listen, figuring out how to spit it out, say the thing, and being held along the way, healing past wounds, misunderstand and miscommunication no more, feeling seen and heard and felt, communicating becomes smooth, easy, and obvious, playful, seductive, effortless expression, feel worshipped. Rituals of worship. To feel totally held, in awe. Amazement. Magic. Stopping time. Portal of love and intimacy. The depths of intimacy. Slowing down.

Date 4: Flavors of Sex

Possibly include Dom/Sub stuff here? (maybe this can be a bonus section, like an intro to Dom/Sub & kink stuff)

  • Some sort of role play activity? too?

  • Or keep the focus on sexual elementals and sexual access points? Earth, Water, Fire and Air access points.

Explore the possibility of multiple, full bodied, extended, and energetic orgasms, that radically alter the way you show up in your relationships and in your life.

Wild, raw, animalistic fucking, hot, spicy, fiery power play, wet, sensual, luscious love making, and sweet, slow, electric touch. We will explore the different elements and flavors of fucking in the last date.