Luna Dietrich (she/they) aka Pussy Witch is a pleasure centered sex educator, writer, healer and virgo queer femme boss. Raised catholic and a born people pleaser, sex hasn’t always felt shame free. At just 14 years old, Luna “lost her virginity” and was slut shamed and outcasted. In college, she fell into a long term safe monogamous relationship, losing all sexual desire, believing she was broken. It wasn’t until she discovered queer sex, did she learn how much pleasure could be felt in the body rather than sex just being an exchange for male attention and closeness. With a focus on trauma informed, comprehensive pleasure based sex ed, Luna’s passion is helping humans release shame and find LOVE for their own sex life. She has led over 1,000 students through her online courses and hopes to keep empowering humans to live their most pleasurable lives possible!