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Welcome, gorgeous.

I am Luna Dietrich,

aka the Pussy Witch.


I’m a pleasure centered Sex Educator here to help you LOVE your sexuality. Why? Because your sexuality is important, completely unique to you, and loving it can help fill your WHOLE LIFE with more confidence and meaning.

As an often easily orgasmic, earth worshipping, Virgo boss witch, I spend my days playing with plants, geeking out about sex, and dramatically dancing my way to creating a world of life-affirming, consensual relationships. 

Want to peek into my personal life and receive weekly juicy sex advice that I don’t share anywhere else?! You will also get a free ritual that guides you step by step to release shame & reclaim your beautifully unique sexuality.


An  online  library  of  resources  to  help  you  access  the  power  of  your  own  root. From  pelvic  massage  to  pussy  steaming,  to  ancestral  tending  to  earth  reclamation.

Curated and offered by Asia Suler of One Willow Apothecaries, I was honored to contribute two juicy classes to this comprehensive library of pussy healing.


My main course, Pleasure Witch Academy, is now open enrollment. This 3 month online intensive will help support you to embrace your pleasure in all apsects of you life!




Luna has validated feelings that I had not allowed myself to properly move through. Her sexual liberation and prowess is intoxicating and infectious. ” - Full Spectrum Doula

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Featured in Barcroft TV Special on Polyamory


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Release Shame & Reclaim Your Sexuality

Not loving and accepting your body has an impact on pretty much every aspect of your (sex) life: it determines how much pleasure you experience, how often you have sex, what risky behaviors you will engage in, if you use drugs and alcohol, etc..

I’m here to help with that!

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