Luna Dietrich

Pleasure Witch Academy

Enhance Your Sexual Confidence and Pleasure Potential

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    In Pleasure Witch Academy you will be guided through an experiential journey for reclaiming & becoming your most sexually powerful you. This 10-class immersion will show you how to radically accept and love your body, experience deeper pleasure and better communicate with any lover. 


    Imagine a Scenario in Which You... 

    • Can express your sexuality with confidence

    • Feel at home in your body

    • Live a life full of pleasure


    But maybe you're not there... yet.

    Maybe when it comes to your sexuality...

    • You are frustrated because it’s difficult to receive pleasure or have orgasms.

    • You want to want sex, but the desire or fire just isn’t there.

    • Your body image is blocking you from feeling confident and sexy.

    • Your emotions get the best of you, you feel like you want and need TOO MUCH.

    • You have a feeling there is more, but you aren't sure how or where to get it.

    So, you are left wanting moreMore depth, more pleasure, more fulfillment.

    If any of this sounds familiar,

    You’ve come to the right place.


    There is a REASON why you may feel confused, frustrated, or even like something is wrong.

    Womxn’s sexuality has been oppressed in most cultures around the world for thousands of years!

    With the messages that:

     Our pleasure is for someone else.

     We give “away” sex, when we “lose our virginity.”

     And the most insidious of all, that our sexuality is inherently shameful.

    It’s time for change.

    Time to let go of what is holding you back from living your full, completely unique sexuality. The world needs sexually empowered womxn.

    The world needs you.


    How would it feel to...

    • Radically accept and love your body. (hint: it does not include changing a thing!)
    • Uncover your own unique arousal blueprint to create scenarios that turn YOU on.
    • Deeply understand your anatomy so you can take the right actions on feeling more pleasure.
    • Feel supported in expressing any struggles you might  have with your sexuality.
    • Accept & channel your emotions so they no longer control you.
    • Understand the role stress plays in your sexuality & how to confidently manage it so you experience deeper pleasure.
    • Communicate with your partners in ways which you will feel heard.
    • Ignite your creative fire & live with deeper states of meaning.

    So you can live the fabulously authentic and deeply fulfilling life you want... with confidence.




    What's Inside

    Week One

    • Culture - Identify & dismantle core beliefs that are causing shame & plant new seeds of sexual fulfillment.
    • Self - Get in touch exactly with what you like, want & need.

    Week Two

    • Radical Body Acceptance - Practices & exercises to enjoy living in YOUR body now, and daily prioritize self care.
    • Emotions - Release stuck emotions from past traumas and learn how to hold space for your current feelings bringing more power and vibrancy into your life and relationships.

    Week Three

    • Pussy Anatomy - Learn the map & guide to your perfectly normal yet completely magical pussy palace. Discover ancient & modern techniques to help you feel more connected and in love with your pussy.
    • Expression - Discover how to communicate what you want and need in your relationships so that you can deepen intimacy, connection, and understanding.

    Week Four

    • Pleasure - Rewild your brain to be guided by pleasure in your life and your greatest pleasure potential
    • Play - Explore & expand what is possible, harnessing your innate curiosity so your sexuality becomes really, really fun!

    Week Five

    • Desire - Learn how important context is for desire & how to create scenarios that ignite & fuel your own, unique, wildest fire. 
    • Sex Magic - Through ritual and intention, cultivate your sexual energy to channel the creativity and hope needed to change the world.


    Group Coaching 

    There will be FIVE, 1-hr, live group sessions that begin with a meditation for getting intimate support and answering your questions. The calls will be recorded and you can send in questions prior, so if you can't make it to them live, you won't miss out on any of the juiciness!


    At the end of each lesson, you will be given "Homeplay" exercises to integrate and fully embody what you are learning.

    Homeplay Exercises Include:

    self pleasure practices • rage rituals • breathing exercises & meditations • sensually embodied movement • journaling • affirmations • communication techniques • sex magic • & so much more...

    ...Bringing radical transformation to your inner landscape and giving you a practical tool belt for nurturing it.




    Luna Dietrich (she/her) is the founder of Pussy Witch. As a teacher, writer and sexual empowerment coach, she loves helping womyn love their sexuality. From being slut shamed and outcasted as a teen to losing ALL desire believing she was broken in college...Luna’s been through the ringer of sexual challenges. It wasn’t until she learned how to receive did she realize her sexuality was something to enjoy, rather than to just give away. Since her pleasurable revelations, she has studied with many different teachers about body positivity, feminism, vulnerability, communication, social justice, trauma, consent, and Ecosexuality. From her personal cosmic orgasms to her ever expanding education, she has found her deepest passion in supporting womxn be in consensual relationship with their bodies, their sexuality, and their life.


    You Also Get...

    A badass community of fabulously brilliant womxn

    This secret Pleasure Witch Academy Facebook Group will be closely guided by me with a set of agreements to uphold safety, transparency, & support.

    So, imagine being in a tight community of
    womxn where you can…

    ‌• Honestly express the struggles in your sexuality.

    ‌• Ask questions & feel supported & heard by other womxn who get it.

    ‌• Happily share & feel uplifted in your sexual breakthroughs.

    ‌• Feel encouraged to be your biggest & most vibrant self.

    ‌• Hear other womxn’s experiences & get new
    perspectives on your own.

    ‌• Connect with womxn of all backgrounds, 
    sexual orientations, & relationship styles.

    ‌• Offer YOUR magic to other womxn who want & need it.

    (Note: This last piece is optional, but I will encourage it throughout the course. You just may find, one of the most empowering & fulfilling experiences is being in service to other womxn.)



    “THIS INTENSIVE CHANGED MY LIFE. Through this course, I was able to reclaim my body, sexuality + Self more fully than ever before. The resources and homeplay exercises provided were such incredible tools to help me embody all the teachings. And I am in absolute awe of the compassionate, inspiring and transformational space Luna holds. This course was one of the greatest investments I've ever made for myself!”

    -Che Che Luna


    “Do it! You will not regret it, and your relationship to your body, pleasure and your own sexuality will bear fruits from this course.”



    “Absolutely take it! This course has helped me to define certain things I have felt in my sexuality such as having "breaks" to my desires. It has helped me to locate myself as a sexual empowered woman in society and re-evaluate pre-dispose thoughts and ideas I've been fed my whole life.”

    -Reyna Berger

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    Pleasure Witch Academy is for any womxn who wants to…

    • Expand what is possible for them.

    • Deeply integrate their sexuality with the rest of their life.

    • Move past any sexual blocks they may have (known or unknown).

    • Understand & practice ritual magic to fully embody their sexual power.

    • Prioritize self care & self pleasure without having a ton of extra time.


    Who is Pleasure Witch Academy not for?

    ‌• People who identify as men. This course does NOT support or advocate upholding a gender binary, but rather addresses and unravels unhelpful female socialized conditioning. I don't teach about "masculine" or "feminine" energies. This course is about embracing whatever feels good in a container and affinity space of womxn/femmes/gender nonconforming folks for womxn/femmes/gender non-conforming folks. If you are non-binary or gender non-identifying, you are welcome! You can e-mail me to see if this course will offer specifically what you are looking for. We welcome womxn who are part of the trans experience. There is only one module out of ten that is specifically about pussy and pussy anatomy. If you are a trans womxn and are not interested in this module, you can email me and I will give you a discount.

    ‌• Womxn who have very active sexual trauma and aren't getting outside/additional support. While a huge element of Pleasure Witch Academy is healing with the supportive community, it is not group therapy. We will practice releasing shame and trauma, but if you are still in a raw state from a recent or past sexual violation, we recommend you seek sexual therapy in addition to or outside the container of Pleasure Witch Academy.

    ‌• Womxn who are not at all into witchiness. I’m not down with any beliefs that are victim blaming, gaslighting marginalized people or any type of spiritual bypassing. My background/degree is in Biochemistry and most of my teachings are very practical. I am passionate about carefully merging science, social justice and magic all together. Meaning, Pleasure Witch Academy will have energetics perfectly dusted throughout!


    Get On the Waiting List


    Enrollment is currently closed. Coming back in Spring 2019!

    Get onto the waiting list to be the first to know when Pleasure Witch Academy reopens

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      Frequently Asked Questions


      What if I am unhappy with the course?
      No problem. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a FULL refund.

      Do I need a partner to do the course?

      Definitely not! This course, the information and the exercises are all about YOU! However, all of the things you learn will impact how you relate to others.

      How will this show up on my credit card?
      Charges to your card or Paypal account will show up as PW Academy. Whenever you see this you can giggle a little bit because your financial records will secretly have a little bit more pleasure in them!

      What exactly does this course include?
      5 weeks and 10 classes of sensual experiential education, printable PDF's of the Homeplay exercises associated with each of the classes, membership in the secret Pleasure Witch Academy Community group, and five 1-hour live Q&A and group meditation coaching calls.

      When does the course begin? How does it work?
      The course begins Friday the 13th of July with live group call. Modules will then come out on Mondays and Thursdays every week for 5 weeks. The 5 live Q&A's will be on Wednesday's. 

      How long will I have access to the course?
      How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

      What format is the course content delivered in?
      Pleasure Witch Academy will be shared in videos and written outlines. Remember too that the information will only take you so far... it's the exercises and integration into your life that will make all of the difference.

      What if I have to miss a class?
      No problem! All of the classes are pre-recorded so once they are released, you can attend whenever works best for your schedule!

      Do you offer scholarships?
      Yes. I am offering a few need-based scholarships for BIWoC (black, indigenous and womxn of color), LGBTQI folks, and those struggling with finances due to mental and/or physical health. If this is you, please click here to apply.



      If you have any questions, please reach out to me at: