What's Inside

  • 3 Months of Group Coaching among a private community

  • 10 Classes

  • Homework for each class to support you integrating the lessons

  • 8 Interviews with Contributing Sex Educators

  • 3 Live Q&A’s with Luna

  • 1 Live Welcome Class

  • 1 Comprehensive Sex Ed Book List

  • Many Secret Bonuses

Month 1: September

  • Week 1: Community Orientation, Live Class

  • Week 2: Culture - Identify & dismantle core beliefs that are causing shame & plant new seeds of sexual fulfillment.

  • Week 3: Self - Get in touch and fall in love with what you want & find yummy strategies to meet your needs.

  • Week 4: Radical Body Acceptance - Practices & exercises to enjoy living in YOUR body now and prioritize daily self care.

  • Live Q&A #1

Month 2: October

  • Week 6: Emotions - Release stuck emotions from past traumas and learn how to hold space for your current feelings bringing more power and vibrancy into your life and relationships.

  • Week 7: Expression - Discover how to communicate what you want and need in your relationships so that you can deepen intimacy, connection, and understanding.

  • Week 8: Pleasure - Practice techniques that help you let go and receive sensations that nourish every layer of your being

  • Live Q&A #2

Month 3: November

  • Week 10: Play & Identity - Explore & expand what is possible, harnessing your innate curiosity so your sexuality becomes really, really fun!

  • Week 11: Desire - Learn how important context is for desire & how to create scenarios that ignite & fuel your own, unique, wildest fire.

  • Week 12: Sex Magic - Through ritual and intention, cultivate your sexual energy to channel the creativity and hope needed to change the world.

  • Live Q&A #3 and Closing Ceremony


Group Coaching 

There will be 3 separate hour long live group sessions that begin with an embodiment practice for getting intimate support and answering your questions. The calls will be recorded and you can send in questions prior, so if you can't make it to them live, you won't miss out on any of the juiciness!


At the end of each lesson, you will be given Homeplay Assignments and pleasurable exercises to integrate and embody what you are learning.

Homeplay Exercises Include:

self pleasure practices • rage rituals • breathing exercises & meditations • sensually embodied movement • journaling • affirmations • communication techniques • sex magic • & so much more...

...Offering you the tools and courage to live your most pleasure filled life.