A Live 2-Part Workshop with Luna Dietrich

P*llow Talk 101 is a special edition, online live workshop, designed to help you master the basics of communication. Learn to communicate your truth and your needs as the foundation of a thriving sex and relationship life.

June 2nd, 7PM-9PM EST (Course)

& June 9th 7PM - 8:30 EST (Q&A)


In this workshop, you will learn the foundation and tools of communicating your truth about sex in a way that is authentic yet makes your words easily heard by another, so that you can experience connection and pleasure more fully!

Maybe you…

  • Don’t say what you want because you’re afraid of hurting your partner, or feel embarrassed about expressing your thoughts

  • Are struggling to figure out what you want, let alone how to muster the courage to actually express it

  • Don’t give yourself the time and space that you need to figure out what you want in the first place

  • Have a hard time opening your mouth and just saying what you want or don’t want during sex

  • Have a hard time staying present when the conversation gets tricky, or would rather avoid the entire talk altogether

    Speaking up may feel scary, but it’s so worth it.