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As a Sexual Empowerment Coach, I can support you in:

  • Emotional & sexual intelligence

  • Releasing shame about desires and sexuality

  • Conscious communication

  • Embodying deeper pleasure

  • Radical body acceptance

  • Navigating non-monogamous relationships 

  • Supporting challenges around sexism

  • Bringing sensuality into all aspects of your life

  • Letting go of relationships that don’t serve you

  • Self-pleasuring and self-love rituals

  • Cultivating erotic energy and power


"Luna's gentle authenticity allowed me to feel safe enough to release the stuck energy in me that was holding me back from feeling present in my own body. I can now see how I was holding myself back from listening. I actually talk to my pussy now! I feel so much more playful and open to new experiences and a different infinite reality." -Kelsey

“Luna has changed my life. I am finally asking for what I want.” -Bri

"Ever since I began seeing Luna for individualized empowerment sessions, my life has truly blossomed. I feel deeply seen, heard and valued by Luna's unwavering compassionate presence, skillful reflection, and intuitive therapeutic processing.  Each session has challenged me in the perfect way to step more fully into my innate brilliance.  While working with Luna, I quickly gained clarity around the debilitating internalized messages I believed for most of my life and was able to re-unite with my eternally wise, radiant, and powerful Self.  I am grateful for Luna's support and guidance and am now able to offer my presence more fully as a therapist, yoga teacher and friend to the community."

With fierce love,

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