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1.) Imagine a scenario in which you...

 Feel at home in your body.

 Can express your sexuality with confidence.

 Live a life full of pleasure.


2.) In Pleasure Witch Academy, you will be guided through an experiential journey for reclaiming & becoming your most sexually powerful you.

This Five Week Immersion of 10 classes, will begin July 16th, 2018... and can be attended from anywhere in the world.


3.) How would it feel to...

  • Radically accept & love your body (hint: it does not include changing a thing!)
  • Uncover your own unique arousal blueprint to create scenarios that turn YOU on.
  • Deeply understand your anatomy so you can take the right actions on feeling more pleasure.
  • Feel supported in expressing any struggles you might have with your sexuality.
  • Accept & channel your emotions so they no longer control you.
  • Understand the role stress plays in your sexuality & how to confidently manage it so you experience deeper pleasure.
  • Communicate with your partners in ways which you will feel heard.
  • Ignite your creative fire & live with deeper states of meaning.

So you can live the fabulously authentic and deeply fulfilling life you want... with confidence.

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Thank you!

Thank you for being a part of this important pleasure movement. Please be in touch and let me know if you have any questions at all.





Terms & Conditions

Payments: Your payment will be delivered to your PayPal address on August 17th (31 days after the course start date). This allows for our 30-day refund policy to function smoothly (in case a person who came through your unique affiliate link decides to get a refund on the course). 


Commissions & Affiliate Info: When a person from your audience clicks on your affiliate link, our system will track their browser with "cookies." This means that if a person clicks on your affiliate link, but doesn't buy the course until 15 days later, you will still receive compensation for their purchase because our system will see that they originally came to through your link. 


Closure of Affiliate Agreement: This affiliate agreement between you and Luna Dietrich is an agreement ONLY for the summer 2018 launch of Pleasure Witch Academy. Once registration has closed, and once you have received payment for any of your audience that has joined, this affiliate agreement will be closed.

This means that if you would like to be an affiliate for any other online course of Luna's, a new affiliate agreement will need to be reached for that course in particular.


Limited Use Agreement: You may use any of the example content on this page (text or images), and/or any content from the sales page to promote your affiliate link for Pleasure Witch Academy. 

You are not granted rights to use any of this content to promote any other course, platform, personality, or any other online content not associated with Pleasure Witch Academy


FTC Disclosure Agreement: The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires that anybody participating in an affiliate program must disclose to their audience that they are an affiliate. They made this law to help protect people in the online world. 

Disclosure can be fun, and it can actually build trust with your audience! You could say something like this:

"Hey everyone! There's an amaaaazing course coming up that I'm excited to share with you. It's a course that will transform your entire sexuality. I believe in this work so much that I want to promote it, and if you sign up through my affiliate link I'll receive a juicy portion of your purchase!"

You could also simply share the hashtag #affiliate, or you could say: "here's my affiliate link:"



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